Replace or Repair Roof

Roof Replacement is an Expensive Fix

Roof replacement as a result of hail damage is an expensive fix for insurance companies. At first it may seem logical that an insurance company may only want to repair, and not replace the whole roof. This may be short sighted. If the damage is not properly repaired, the shingles will not be as protective and may lead to more widespread damage that is more costly to repair for both the homeowner and insurance company down the road.

Should my Roof be Replaced?

Your home may be the single most important investment your family has. Not only is it a place where you raise your family, but it is an investment that you hope will appreciate over time. If your roof sustains damage as a result of a hail storm, damage may not appear immediately, but may be concealed from the untrained eye, and not be apparent for some time to come. You buy insurance to protect your investment, not exercising your rights after a storm hits is simply foolish.

Get an Expert to Inspect Your Roof

A roofing professional should be able to identify the differences between normal wear and tear and storm damage. They should be willing to inspect your roof for free and provide a written estimate that backs up their claims. The roofer obviously stands to benefit if your roof needs to be replaced, but insurance adjusters are trained professionals too. Your roofer and adjuster should be able to agree upon what steps and the cost to fix the problem.

Is it Minor Repairs or a Complete Roof Replacement?

Different insurance companies have different policies on what constitutes roof hail damage, and whether you require that some shingles be repaired or your whole roof needs to be replaced, or just sections thereof. If your roofer has inspected your roof and identified hail damage and is willing to provide you with a written estimate, then it is suggested that you proceed with filing a claim.

A widely accepted measurement of the severity of your roof hail damage is to count the amounts of dents (Blisters) in a 10 foot square area of your roof. If you can identify 10 hits within that area your roof should probably be replaced.  A roofer who is trained and certified in storm damage should be able to provide you with a free estimate and photo evidence of the damage. It is recommended that the photos be dated so there is no question as to when the resulting damage occurred. To speak with a local Roof Hail Damage Specialist call 1-877-433-2367.