Roof Inspection

Contact a Trained Storm Damage Roofer

If you believe that you have suffered roof hail damage, it is recommended that you contact a local roofing contractor to inspect your roof. Your roofer should be trained in how to identify storm damage and be willing to provide you with an complementary roof inspection.

If based upon their professional inspection, they have determined that your roof has been compromised and requires repair or replacement, they should provide you a free estimate with the cost to remedy the damage. If the damage is minor, and less than the deductible on your homeowner’s insurance, then it is suggested you make the necessary repairs before more widespread damage occurs.

Is the Damage Greater than your Deductible?

If in their opinion you require major repair or complete roof replacement, it is suggested that you file an insurance claim with your insurance agent and request a written estimate. This will help document your your damage and will prove helpful with your insurance adjuster.

Is your Roofer Local?

Beware of  Storm Chasers! This type of roofing contractor “blows” into town right after the storm leaves.  Typically these roofers are out-of-towners with no local business presence. They are looking to profit from your misfortune. always recommends that you work with a local roofer with roots in your community. They should be listed with the Better Business Bureau, and be able to provide you with references from satisfied customers in your neighborhood.

Will your Roofer meet with your Adjuster?

If your roofer has recommended roof replacement they should be willing to be present at the time of inspection by your insurance company’s adjuster to support their claims.

Nowadays most insurance companies will only pay claims directly to the roofing contractor who will repair or replace your roof. This prevents the homeowner from “pocketing” the proceeds of the claim and ensures that the damage to your roof is actually repaired.

If your roofer is unwilling to make themselves available at the time of the inspection, then that should tell you something about that roofing company. If you believe that you have suffered roof hail damage and would like to schedule a FREE Inspection & Estimate by a Roofing Company then call Toll-free: 1-888-433-2367 to be connected to a local specialist.